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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Actions in workflow in SharePoint designer

Before reading this tutorial, I would recommend you to cover Steps and Conditions.

Actions in SharePoint designer are used to perform different functions. These actions are categorized into different sections. Some actions like: Add a comment, Do calculation, Log to History, Send an Email, Stop workflow, Check In Item, Check Out Item, Copy List Item, Create List Item, Delete item, Update List  Item, Collect Data from User etc.


Variables are used to store and manipulate data while the workflow is running.

Each time a workflow new instance will run, a new set of variable(s) will be used and when the workflow ends the variables will be lost. When you first create a workflow, it does not have any variables. In some actions also it automatically adds some variables . For example a do calculation step will automatically create a variable namely calc. All the variables for a particular instance should have a unique name. Following are the data types supported like: String, Boolean, Date Time, Integer, List Item ID, Number.The actions in your workflow are used to assign values to variables. Sometimes action automatically add value to the variable and sometime we have manually assign the value to variable by using Set Workflow Variable action.  When it does automatically we only need to select the variable to which it should assign.When using the Set Workflow Value action, all available variables are shown, even if they are not directly compatible. It is possible to assign an incompatible value to a variable by converting it; this is called coercion. To use coercion when assigning a value to a variable, adjust the Return String As dropdown on the Lookup dialog.

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