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Friday, June 17, 2011

Blogs in SharePoint 2010

Here are the steps to create a blog site in SharePoint 2010.

Go to Site Actions -> Select New Site -> From the Category Select Blog site type Then in the form. Enter the Title in the Title field and in the URL name enter the URL for the blog. For example in Title you can enter OnlySharePoint2010's blog and in the URL you can OnlySharePoint2010.

Then you can click on Create.
In the home page there will be four web parts like Posts, Blog Tools, About This Blog and Links. In the Blog Tools contains Create a post, Manage a post, Manage comments etc. In the Links web part there will be a link to the photos picture library.
In the left side Categories are shown and also there will be option to Add new category and Archives section will be there.

To posts a blog go to Blog Tools then click on Create a post link. The Posts- New Item dialog is displayed. In the Title box type put the title and in Body box type the description. Then from the Category list, you can select a Category. And then click on publish button from the Ribbon.

To post a comment for the blog click on 0 Comment(s), this will open the Comments form. Then in the title box type the title and in the Body type the comment.

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