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Monday, June 20, 2011

Conditions in workflow in SharePoint designer

In this article we will discuss what are conditions in workflow in SharePoint. In my last article I have discussed What are Steps in Workflow? and also I have discussed What are Actions in SharePoint workflow?

Conditions allow the workflow to make decisions and respond differently based on the data that is provided by SharePoint lists or end user entries.Multiple steps can be included within the condition when you need to perform a series of commands.
Some condition examples:
lf any value equals value:
Allows you to compare a value from any data source to a value from any other data source.
If field equals value:
Allows you to compare the value of a field on the current item with the value from any other data source.
Created by a specific person:
Checks to see if the current item was created by a specific person.
Created in a specific date span:
Checks to see if the current item was created within a specific data range.
Modified by a specific person:
Checks to see if the current item was modified by a specific person.
Person is a valid SharePoint user:
Checks to see if a specified user is recognized by SharePoint.
Title field contains keywords:
Checks for a specified string within the Title field of the current item.

Conditions can be configured to examine workflow data, which is any type of data usable by the workflow, including data from list items, variables, or other data sources.This workflow data can be compared with the static information entered when the workflow is written or other pieces of workflow data.
List of operators like equals, Not equals, Is empty, Is not empty, Begins with, Does not begin with, Ends with, Does not end with, Contains, Does not contain, Matches regular expressions, Contains etc.
Also you can check how to remove a workflow from a list or a document library in SharePoint2010?

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