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Monday, June 13, 2011

Workflow: Reminder before Due Date in Sharepoint 2010

Step 1:
Create a custom list eg: Reminder workflow.

Step 2:
Create a column reminder date  –  Column with Date and Time 

Step 3:
We don’t want this field to be displayed to users when they are filling out the form, so we hide it.  
In the list’s settings, click Advanced Settings.  Change Allow management of Content Types to Yes.  Click OK.

Step 4:
In the Content Types section of the list’s settings, click the name of the one content type in there.  In this example, it’s “item”.  Then, in the List Content Type information screen, click the name of the Reminder Date field.  Change it from Optional to Hidden, and click OK.

Step 5:
Now it’s time to create a workflow that will set the Reminder Date.  In SharePoint Designer, open the site, and click the File menu, and New Workflow

Step 6:
Call it Workflow1 and specify the list Reminder Workflow.

Step 7:
There need not be a condition, and the actions are the following:

”Add Time to Date”
”Set field in Current Item”
“Pause Until this”
“Then Email”

 Step 8:
Next, to set the policy…  On the list settings screen, click Information Management Policy Settings -> In Content Type Click Item -> Enable Retention Click Add Retention Stage.

 Step 9:
I set reminder date to "0" bec basic start date of reminder and set the workflow "workflow1"

Step 10:  That's it Now the test the Reminder Workflow.

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