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Thursday, June 9, 2011

What is new in SharePoint 2010?

Here we will see what are the new features available in the lastest version of SharePoint that is SharePoint 2010. Also you can check what is SharePoint and What is portal technology?

SharePoint 2010 is the latest version which includes Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.
Some enhancements in SharePoint Foundation.
-User experience in browser is a major changes in 2010 version.

-SharePoint 2010 introduces a new AJAX-powered user interface so that it eliminates some unnecessary postbacks.

-The user interface provides inline editing and modal dialogs.

-It supports Windows PowerShell script which will be helpful for administrative scripts.

-It provides SharePoint Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2010.

-It provides Sandboxed solutions which is helpful for deploying solution packages at site collection scope in a sandboxed environment.
-Additional event handlers provides for Sites, Lists and Workflows.

-SharePoint 2010 supports LINQ to sharepoint provider for writing LINQ query statements to access SharePoint list data.

-It provides Client Object Model to access SharePoint site from a windows or console application.

-Also it provides a new authentication mechanism: Claims-based security

-Newly supported to read and write data to and from an external databases known as Business Connectivity Services (BCS)

Some New Features in SharePoint 2010:
-Access services and Excel services.

-Search Service and User Profile Service.

-Visio graphics service.

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