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Friday, July 22, 2011

Master Pages in SharePoint 2010

Here we will discuss about master pages in SharePoint 2010 and what are the different master pages presented in SharePoint 2010.

Master page in SharePoint contains Content PlaceHolders. Content placeholders are areas of replaceable content on the master page. The tag is <asp:ContentPlaceHolder>. A master page may define many ContentPlaceHolder controls, a page does not have to implement a corresponding content control. There are contentplaceholders like PlaceHolderMain, which displays the main body of the page. PlaceHolderLeftNavBar, which contains the Quick Launch bar on the left side of the page, PlaceHolderTopNavBar, which contains the Top Navigation tabs at the top of the page, and PlaceHolderSearchArea, which contains the page’s search controls.

Master pages are stored in a special Master Page Gallery library located within each site collection in the /_catalogs/masterpage directory. This library is accessible from the Site Collection Settings page as well as in SharePoint Designer.

Only one gallery exists per site collection and it is automatically populated when a new site collection is provisioned. Master pages cannot be shared across site collections, but a root site can share its master pages with the other sites in its site collection.

SharePoint foundation contains 5 different out of box master pages like: v4.master, default.master, minimal.master, simple.master, and MWSDefaultv4.master. and SharePoint 2010 contains nightandday.master page.

v4.master is the default master page for most non-publishing sites in SharePoint 2010. It is also the default system master page in both SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server.

Default.master is helpful from upgrading MOSS 2007 sites to SharePoint 2010 sites.

The minimal.master page is best suited for pages with minimal branding and navigation. The minimal.master is used with search pages and Office web applications.

simple.master is the master page used for error and login pages. It lives in the fi le system and is not available in the master page gallery.

The MWSDefaultv4.master is found in the master page gallery of meeting workspace sites.

The nightandday.master page contains controls specialized for publishing web content management.
You can also check a Master Page Tutorial here.

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