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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comparision between Wss and SharePoint

Wss Primary Benefits:
  • It provides a feature workspace ,which is responsible for teams to share documents and informations .
  • Another feature Libraries provide a better way of creating an important document.
  • Deploying team collaboration site is easy so no need for skilled resources.
  • It gives acceptable security policy,recycle bin item retrieval and document versioning features.
  • Facility of sharepoint designers to customize your teamsite.

SharePoint Primary Benifits:
  • It is helpful to create,store,manage centrally using document library settings to define workflow.
  • It has features like page layouts and master pages to manage webcontents.
  • No need for manual data entry because it provides infoPath client based forms.
  • For automating content approval and publishing process it provides workflow tools.
  • Dashboard capabilities,key performance indicator,Report center is here to manage critical bussiness data in a better way.
  • Search center,Business Data Catalog,Excel services are here to find information and acess the information from the browser.
  • Working offline with lists and libraries using outlook is another important feature of sharepoint.

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