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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Different sharepoint 2010 workflow activities

Here we will discuss about SharePoint 2010 workflow activities. In our previous article we have discussed about How to attach a workflow to a content type?

Code: The code activity allows you to drop code into the template.

If-else: if-else activity allows you to make logical decisions in the workflow.

Parallel: The parallel activity allows you to run two or more trunks of activities in parallel.

Terminate: The terminate activity terminates the workflow.

While: A while activity is used for looping.

CopyItemActivity: This CopyItemActivity activity allows you to create a copy of a list item or document in another document library or list.

CreateTask: The CreateTask activity creates tasks in task lists.

OnWorkflowModifed (and EnableWorkflowModification)—OnWorkflowModified activity responds when the workflow is modified. With Workflow Modifications, users can change the behavior of a workflow after it has already started.

sendEmail—The sendEmail activity uses the exchange server specified in SharePoint Central Administration to send emails to users.

SetState—The SetState activity is used to set the state of the workflow.

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