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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Create site collections in SharePoint 2010

Before creating site collections, you can read how to create a web application in this tutorial. You can see this article if you want to create a site using SharePoint designer.
Site collection is a hierarchy of sites having one top level site with a collection of child sites below it,the top level site is called as Parent site.
Thease are the steps to create a site collection
Go to Start->All Programs->Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products->SharePoint 2010 Central Administration.

Click the option Create Site Collection under Application Management.

Then you can use the default web application or else you can cahange the web application by clicking web application dropdown ->Change Web Application.

Then provide Title,Description and the Url name.

Then select a template so goto Collaboration->Team Site, you can also create Blank Site,Document Workspace,Blog,Group Work Site like this.

Provide Usernames in both the two username textboxes,select a Quota template(its not mandatory) and then click ok.

Then one new window is going to open with a message Top-Level Site Sucessfully Created with your Url.

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