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Monday, August 8, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Object model

There are 4 type of SharePoint object model are available. SharePoint server object model will use for any SharePoint code that runs on the SharePoint server. Another object model known as Client object model for .Net 3.5 or higher client applications. Another object model for Silverlight applications and the last one is JScript object model.

Examples of SharePoint Object model:
Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList : A SharePoint list that can be used to modify the contents of a list.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb : To work with a SharePoint site.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPUser : To work with a SharePoint user.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPContext : The context of an HTTP request that
gives information, such as the current web application, site collection, list, etc.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListItem: To work with an item in a SharePoint list.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite : To work with a SharePoint site collection.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFile : A file in a SharePoint site, for example, a web part page, a file in a folder, or an item in a document library.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPField : A column defined for a SharePoint list.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPQuery : A query (in CAML) that can be used to return required list items (SPListItem).

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSecurity : Provides a method called RunWith-ElevatedPrivileges that lets you run code with more permissions than the one the current user has.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebApplication: An IIS web application that has methods and properties for modifying web applications settings and administering at the web application level.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPFarm : A SharePoint Farm that has methods and properties for modifying farm settings and administering at the farm level.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: An exception thrown by SharePoint.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListItem-Collection:The collection of SPItem objects from a SharePoint list (SPList) or query (SPQuery).

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFolder: A SharePoint folder in a list or document library.

Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SPUtility: A utility class that provides methods like SendEmail etc.

Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite-DataQuery : A query that can act against multiple lists in multiple sites in the same site collection.

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