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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Create List in SharePoint 2010

In this article we will discuss how to create a SharePoint list using browser. In the previous article we have discussed how to create SharePoint list using SharePoint 2010 designer. You can also check how to create list in SharePoint 2010 using SharePoint Server Object Model.

First just create your site according to those steps described here, then open your site by the help of the URL in browser.

Thease are the steps required to create a List
First open your site.

Go to Site Actions and click more options, then the create page will open

Inside the create page just click List(i.e under Filter By option), then the lists are going to display.

Now click the list Tasks, we can also create other lists by clicking other options like
Announcements,Calendar,Contacts etc but here i am going to create the task list so just click option Tasks.
Then click more options(i.e situated on the far-rightside).

Then Provide one title in the title text box and Description in the description textbox.

Now you can check the option to display the list on the Quick Launch, you can select the yes or no radio buttons.

Then you click the button Create to complete the List creation.
You can also check some SharePoint Forum Topics here.

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