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Sunday, September 4, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Interview Questions

  1. Explain the structure of SharePoint server object model.
  2. What is a Web application?
  3. What is a Site collection?
  4. What is a content database? What are stored in content db?
  5. What is site and My site?
  6. What is the security mechanism improved in SharePoint 2010?
  7. What is claim based authentication?
  8. What is 14 hive directory in SharePoint?
  9. What is a Sandbox solution? What are the things user can deployin sandboxed solution?
  10. What are the advantages of using Visual web part?
  11. What are the Visual studio 2010 improvements?
  12. What is Ribbon in SharePoint 2010 and how it works?
  13. Advantages of using Windows power shell over stsadm in sharepoint 2010.
  14. What is the powershell command to deploy webpart in sharepoint 2010?
  15. What is a content type?
  16. What is document sets?
  17. What is user profile service?
  18. How visio helpful for workflows in SharePoint 2010?
  19. What is a Site column?
  20. What are different out of box master pages available in SharePoint 2010?

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