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Monday, September 5, 2011

What are Lists in SharePoint 2010 and their types?

Lists in SharePoint 2010 are just like spreadsheets that many person can use simultaneously on the internet.

SharePoint Lists are like web-based and editable tables that allows multiuser interactions against a centralized, extensible table having set of rows and columns.

All the web pages needed to create, manage, update and delete a list and its data are automatically generated by SharePoint . These are as follows:

Agenda: This list is required when for outlining the meeting topics ,who will cover the topic and the duration he will take to complete.

Announcements: This list is required for sharing news, status and other informations.

Attendees: Create the list to mention who will attend the meeting.

Calender: This list is required to mention upcoming meetings, deadlines and other events.

Categories: This is basically used in case of blog site to categorize blog  posts.

Circulations: This list is required in case of group work site to distribute information to selected users.

Comments:This is require to capture comments on blog posts.

Contacts: To share information about customers and partners.

Custom List: This list is used to specify your own columns.

Decisions: This is required in case of meeting workspace to keep track of decissions made at the meeting.

Directions: This is used in case of social meeting workspace to capture directions to various locations.

Discussion Board: Use to manage discussion threads and ensuring that only approved posts appear.

Document Library: Use to share a collection of documents.

External Data List: Use to connect with external content types.

Form Library: Use to manage XML based business forms like status report.This requires an XML editor like InfoPath.

Issue Tracking: Use to manage a set of issues or problems and assign them priority wise.

Links:This is required when you have links to web pages or other resources that you want to share.

Objectives: This list is required to give the information to the attendees to know the goal of the meeting.

Phone Call Memo: Use to capture and store phone messages.

Picture Library: Use to manage picture i.e displaying pictures such as thumbnails,download options and slide show.

Posts: This list is used in case of blog site to store all blog posts.

Project Tasks: This is required a graphical view like a Gantt chart of a group of work items that you or your team needs to complete.

Survey: This lists give the idea taht allow you to quickly create questions and define how users provide their answers.

Tasks: when you track a group of work items that you or your team must complete.

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