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Friday, October 21, 2011

Site Page and an Application Page in SharePoint 2010

This article is based on what are site pages and application pages in SharePoint 2010 and also what is the difference between site pages and application pages. Also you can visit this article to know how to create application page using Visual Studio 2010?.

There are two types of pages in SharePoint.
1. Site Pages
2. Application Pages
Common on them: They both inherit their layout from the same master page.

1. Site Pages:
- A site page contains text, images, web parts etc and Site pages are stored in the file system.

- An end user can create, edit or customized a site page using SharePoint designer or browser.

- Once an end user modified the site page using SharePoint designer, the template for this page is stored in the content database rather in file system. So every time a user requested the page, the page is retrieved from the content database. At the same time you can also reset to the original template using designer.

- A site page can contain inline server code, but once it becomes customized it can not contain. A site page can also host features such as dynamic Web Parts, and Web Part Zones.

Example: Default.aspx

2. Application Pages:
- Application pages are stored on the file system of the front-end Web server in the %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS directory. This folder is mapped to an Internet Information Services (IIS) virtual directory called _layouts.

- Application page is complied into a single DLL, that why performance is better than site pages. These pages are share accross all the sites in the web application.

- An application page can not host features such as dynamic Web Parts, and Web Part Zones.

- It support inline code and also if you want to run custom code then it is better to use application pages.

Example: Settings.aspx
You can also check SharePoint 2010 Best Practices.

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