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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Difference between SharePoint 2010 List and Document Library

In this article, we will discuss What is the difference between a SharePoint list and SharePoint document library.

This is an important question always asked by the interviewer, so let's discuss this topic

SharePoint List:
1- SharePoint lists are web-based editable tables. It gives us the ability to work with structured data.

2- List is going to store the same sorts of data that you would normally place into a spreadsheet.

3- A list contains items that are collections of fields/properties/columns.optionally can have one or more attachment.

4- SharePoint list does not support check-in and check out options.

5- When the user searches for a keyword in a document if the document is in a list then search returns the list item as the result.

6- Example of SharePoint lists are Contact lists, Task lists, etc.

SharePoint Document Library:
1- SharePoint libraries are a list of files.

2- Library is used to store documents.

3- A library is a list, but have one and exactly one file associated with each item. A library item also has fields/properties/columns.

4- SharePoint Library supports check-in and check-out options.

5- When the user searches for a keyword in a document, if the document is in a library then they find the document listed in the search results.

6- Examples of DocumentLibraries are PictureLibrary, FormLibrary etc.

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