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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feature Receiver in SharePoint 2010.

We can also able to add a Feture Receiver to a Feture defination to extend the functionality of  the feature definition in SharePoint 2010.

A Feature Receiver allows you to write event handlers in a managed programming language such as C# or VB.These event handlers are executed during feature-specific events such as feature activation and feature deactivation.

For example, you can write an event handler that fires during feature activation and performs routine initialization tasks such as creating new lists and adding list items, adding pages, navigation links and Web Part instances.

To create a Feature Receiver, you start by adding a new class to your project that inherits from  the SPFeatureReceiver class defined in the Microsoft.SharePoint namespace. Next, you override methods defined in SPFeatureReceiver, such as FeatureActivated and FeatureDeactivating.

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