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Friday, January 13, 2012

SharePoint server 2010 Workflows:

In this article we will discuss what are the out of workflow presented in SharePoint 2010. Also you can read this article on how to create a sequential workflow using Visual Studio 2010?

Previously SharePoint Foundation ships with only one generic workflow template, the three-state workflow template that can be used across multiple scenarios. On the other hand, SharePoint Server contains additional workflow templates, such as the following:

(1)Approval: SharePoint 2010 approval workflow Provides an approval mechanism for documents.

(2)Collect Feedback: It Provides a feedback mechanism for documents.

(3)Collect Signatures: It Provides a mechanism for collecting digital signatures for completing a document.

(4)Disposition Approval: It Provides an expiration and retention mechanism that allows you to decide whether to retain or delete expired documents. This workflow can be started only by using the browser.

(5)Group Approval: It Similar to the Approval workflow; however, it is available only in East Asian versions of SharePoint Server.

(6)Translation Management: It Provides a mechanism for document translation by creating copies of documents to be translated and also assigns tasks to translators.
This workflow is available only when you create the SharePoint Server Translation
Management library.

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