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Friday, January 20, 2012

SharePoint Server Object Model.

In 2007,SharePoint provided only Object model , it is not termed as SharePoint server object Model.
Here in SP 2010,it is known as SharePoint 2010 provides different object models like Client Object Model, Server object model, object model for silverlight application and object model for JScript application.
SharePoint Foundation provides SharePoint server object model by providing one assembly i.e Microsoft.SharePoint.dll.

If u want to use sharepoint server object model in your project u need to give reference the dll i.e Microsoft.SharePoint.dll.

So you can now able to create different list, library, sitecollection, webapplication programatically by the help of the classes like SPWeb, SPSite, SPList which are present inside the SharePoint server object model.

Be carefull the project must be use .NET Framework 3.5. Because while creating a project in visual studio 2010 it by default take framework 4.0 so donot forget to change it to framework 3.5.
Another requirement is that Platform must be compatible with 64-bit environment.

Another critical requirement for any application or component that is programmed against
the server-side object model is that the application or component must be deployed and
run on a front-end Web server or application server in a SharePoint farm.

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