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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Difference between Abstract class and Interface

Here we will see what is the difference between abstract class and interface in C#.Net. You can also check my last article on Basic difference between Constant and readonly in C#.Net.

Abstract Class:
(1)- Abstract class is a class which contains both abstract method and non abstract method.

(2)- This is a special type of class that cannot be instanciated.

(3)- Abstract class have method defination and implementation .

(4)- It can contain acessmodifiers for function properties.

(5)- It doesnot support multiple inheritance.

(6)- Some methods are concrete.

(7)- It has constructer and destructor.

(8)- Only one abstract have to derived.

(1)- An interface is not a class.It is an entity that is defined by the word Interface.

(2)- It has only signature or in otherwords just the defination of the methods without the body.

(3)- Interface has only signature.

(4)- All the methods are public,it doesn't have acess modifiers controls.

(5)- All the methods are abstract.

(6)- It doesn't have constructer and destructer fields.

(7)- It supports multiple inheritance in the object oriented language.

(8)- A class may inherits several interfaces.

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