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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is Assembly and types of Assembly ?

Here we will discuss what is an assembly and different types of assemblies in C#.Net. Also you can check the last article on What is the difference between AcessSpecifier and Acessmodifier in C#.Net ?

Assembly can be defined as a small unit for deployment.
This provides security,versioning and reusability.
Assembly cotains collection of userdefined types and resource information.

Assembly can be in the form of EXE or DLL.

Assembly are of 3 types
1-Private Assembly
2-Shared Assembly
3-Sattelite Assembly

1-Private Assembly-
 When the assembly is local to a particular folder then it is called as Private Assembly.This is recomended when the assembly is required for a specific application.It is normaly stored in application directory or subdirectory.

2-Shared Assembly-
 A shared Assembly is not for a specific application.This is for all the  application inside one machine. This is normally stored in globa assembly  cache(GAC) i.e the repository of assemblies maintained by the .NET runtime.

3-Sattelite Assembly-
 Sattelite assembly consists of some resource files.In multillingual functionality  you can have modules which are customized for localization.Thease assemblies are called as sattelite can create the assembly by the help of resgen.exe and al.exe.

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