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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Assembly Architecture in

Before reading this you can also check What is an assembly and different types of assemblies in C#.Net.

Assembly can be defined as a small unit for deployment.This provides security,versioning and reusability.

Assembly will maintain information mainly into 3 parts
2-Type Meta Data
3-IL Code

 Manifest will contain complete information of the Assembly .This includes Assembly title, Assembly description,Company name,Public key Version no and so on.
 It will contain all the files names required for the assembly Manifest will be prepared by the and it is required for the run time.

2-Type Meta Data-
 The description of the namespaces and types available within the assembly will be maintained in the form of Type Meta Data. Description means what are the classes,methods all these.

3-IL Code-
 The .Net high level language code will be converted into CLR understandable code by the compiler.This is called as intermediate language code which will be processed by the runtime towards operating system native code.

Also check Static variables in C#.Net.

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