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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Asp.Net cookies Advantages and disadvantages

Cookies are client side statemanagement techinque in Read other article on Difference between cookie and session in

(1)-Cookies don't require any server resources since they are stored in the client.
(2)-Cookies are easy to implement.
(3)-You can configure cookies to expire when the browser session ends (Session Cookies) or they can exist for a length of time on the client computer
(Persistent cookies).

(1)-User can delete a cookie.
(2)-Users browser can refuse cookies, so your code has to anticipate that possibility.
(3)-Cookies exists as plain text on the client machine and they may pose a possible security risk as anyone can open and temper with cookies.
(4)-Cookies don't provide security.
(5)-Cookie provides maximum of 4kb of text data(cookie supports only string data).
(6)-Separate text file will be created towards each domain[website] to maintain cookies.
(7)-Browser supports maximum of 20 cookies towards a website.
(8)-Browser supports maximum of 300 cookies towards different websites.
(9)-One browser type[Internet Explorer] stored cookies willnot be used by another browser type[Fire Fox].
(10)-It can represent only text, object cannot be stored.
(11)-Cookies having limitation in count and memory size.

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