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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Creation of Virtual Machine :

In this article we will discuss detail steps of how to create Virtual Machine (VMware).
  • VMware is virtual machine software which runs multiple operating systems on a single computer .
  • It’s an excellent testing and development platform.With the help of VMWARE we can create multiple operating system environments that can co-exist on the same computer in strong isolation from each other.
Steps to create VM ware team :
11.   Launch the VMware workstation. Click on New Virtual machine.
2. New virtual machine wizard will open. Select the Typical radio button then click on Next button.

3. Guest Operating system Installation screen will open. Select the Installer disc image file(iso)radio button. Then click on Browse button and locate the operating system image file .After browsing the operating system click on Next button.

4. Enter the Windows product key, Windows full name and Password information. Then click on Next button.

5. Enter the team name and browse the location for the team. Then click on “Next” button.

6. Specify the disk capacity. Click on Next button.

7. Ready to Create Virtual Machine dialog will open. Confirm the settings information. Click on Finish button.
8. Operating System installation will start.

9. Again click the “Add” button and select the “New Virtual Machine” to add more virtual machines  by following the above way and create all required virtual machines under the team.

10. After creating the virtual team right click on the team and select “Power on” option.
11. Navigate to the Proactive Care Test Setup VM ware Work station ->Click on the view option of the tool bar->Select the Full screen option.

12. Click on the Blue Arrow for switching from one virtual machine to the other virtual machine.
13. Navigate to each Virtual machine and assign all the IP.

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