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Monday, April 9, 2012

Enable Javascript in different Browsers.

Here in this article we will discuss how to enable JavaScript in different browsers like Firefox, IE and Opera. You can also check jQuery Hello World Sample.

Now a days we are using different browsers like internet explorer,Firefox and opera etc.
For doing some JavaScript operation the Javascript must be enabled in your browser. Without
enabling that option you cannot able to do any JavaScript operation. So here we will discuss
the path to enable the javascript in different browser.

For Internet Explorer 6/7:
Open your browser click on the Tools option on the right top corner of your browser.
Then choose the Internet Options from that tools menu.
Click the security tab on the Internet Options pop up.
Then Click the Custom Level... button to access your security settings.

Scroll almost all the way down to find the Scripting section.
Select the Enable button Under Active scripting option.
Step-7:Click OK to finish .
Step-8:Click Yes when asked to confirm.

For Firefox:
Click on the Tools menu.
Choose Options... from the menu.
Click the Content tab in the Options pop up.
Make sure that Enable JavaScript is checked.
Step-5:Click OK to finish the process.

For Opera:
Step-1:Click on the Tools menu.
Step-2:Then Choose the option Preferences... from the menu.
Step-3:Then Click the Advanced tab in the Preferences pop up.
Step-4:Then you have to Select Content from the list of items on the left.
Step-5:Make sure that Enable JavaScript is checked.If it is not checked means you need to check that one.
Step-6:Then you need to click ok to finish.

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