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Monday, April 30, 2012

FlashBack Database and FlashBack Archive

Here in this article,we will discuss about thease OracleDBA  concepts like FlashBack Database and FlashBack Archive.

FlashBack Database from Oracle 10g versions.This is also known as Rollbackward mechanism.

Where as coming to the restore and recovery are rollforward mechanism.

Flashback db is verymuch faster than Pointing time Recovery.

We have to set 2 parameters in the parameter file which are

After Flashback db we can open the db in two ways...

1-open with Read only
2-open with Resetlogs

FlashBack Archive:

FlashBack Archive is from 11g onwords.It provides the ability to the track changers that occurs in the table over the lifetime of a table.

You can also use the data for data analysis and within a decission support environment.

The user who has FlashBack Archive administrator privilage can perform the action.

Flashback Archive contains all the data required to track all archive historical transaction data.

First we need to create Flashback archive while creating, you will assign a tablespace to that archive,spacequota,Retention.

You may have different archive, each of this might be assign different retention periods.

The records in each Archive is managed by Oracle.

With records being purged after retention criteria has expired.

When a Archive is created,it can be assigned to a single tablespace or more than one tablespace.

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