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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Causes of Performance issues in SharePoint 2010

In this article we will discuss what are the main reasons of performance issue in SharePoint 2010. We should be very careful while  writing SharePoint Object Model code. Also you can see an article on SPDisposableChecker which is used to analyse weather all objects are disposed properly or not..

Some of the causes below:

- Not disposing properly the SPSite and SPWeb objects after use. You can also check how to dispose SharePoint 2010 objects.

- If you will go for iterating through large items in large list instead of executing queries on the list.

- If you are avoiding SPSiteDataQuery, instead of for each loops to aggregate SharePoint data.
- Using recursive method calls to iterate through information in every site within a site collection.

- If you fail to close external connections after use.

- While connecting to external systems and fails to trap timeouts.

- Another major issue is overuse or improper use of session state.

- Not using of caching like blob caching,Profile caching, Output Caching, Object Caching etc.

Also you can see an article on SharePoint 2010 Best Practices.

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