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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Asp.Net is popular ?

In this blog we will see why Asp.Net is very much popular even when it released first. After Asp.Net released most of the professionals wanted to use Asp.Net to develop websites or windows applications. Thats why is one of the most popular web development platform.

Few reasons of popularity of Asp.Net:

1. ASP.NET Is Integrated with the .NET Framework:
Asp.Net is integrated with the .Net framework, So Asp.Net application can use the namespaces
provided by .Net framework. There are thousands of namespaces and each namespaces contains different class which we can use in web applications as well as desktop applications also.

2. ASP.NET Is Compiled, Not Interpreted: applications are complied not interpreted, so that ASP.NET applications don’t need to be compiled every time a web page is requested. The IL code is created once and regenerated only when the source is modified.
3. ASP.NET Is Multilanguage:
Asp.Net supports multiple languages apart from popular C#.Net and VB.Net languages like J#.Net.

4. ASP.NET uses benifit of Common Language Runtime:
Asp.Net uses the benifit of Common Language Runtime (CLR) which has lots of benifits like:
- Automatic memory management and garbage collection.
- Type safety
- Extensible metadata
- Structured error handling
- Multithreading

5. ASP.NET Is Object-Oriented:
Since is object oriented, so we can take the benifit of OOPS. You can create reusable classes, interfaces and you can use them in muliple places.

6. ASP.NET Supports all Browsers:
Asp.Net supports almost all the popular browsers apart from Internet explorer. It supports XHTML, CSS or JavaScript in all the browsers.

7. ASP.NET Is Easy to Deploy and Configure:
As the popularity increses from older versions to newer version, deployment becomes easy. Configuration becomes more easy, because most of the Asp.Net settings are stored in web.config file.

As Refered in Apress Pro Asp.Net 4 book.

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