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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reset to site definition using SharePoint 2010 designer

In this article we will discuss how to reset to site definition or site templates by using SharePoint 2010 designer. I have also explained the details steps how to change the title and description of a SharePoint site using SharePoint 2010 designer in this article.

SharePoint 2010 designer is very much improved as compared to MOSS 2007, but there are still some best practices need to follow.

We can create a site by using existing out of box site templates provided by microsoft such as Team site, blank site etc. You can also check this article for list of site templates available in SharePoint 2010.

When we are using the out of box site definition pages which are also known as uncustomized pages, actually we do not create or save any pages to content database. The content database only contains the reference to those pages.

But If you modify those pages using SharePoint designer then those pages becomes customize page and a copy of the site definition file is stored in the SQL Server content database.
Any customized page can be reset to the uncustomized site definition file. Any customizations you made with SharePoint Designer in advanced edit mode are discarded, except for customizations made to content in the PlaceHolderMain placeholder, or any web part added inside a web part zone.

To reset to the site definition, Open the site in Sharepoint designer 2010. Then from the site tab click on Reset to Template as shown in the figure below.

This will ask a confirmation message as shown in the figure below. Click on Yes.

Once you click on Yes the Reset to Site Definition page will open in the browser, there it will ask wether you want a specific page or all pages. Select the option you requied as shown in the figure below and click on Reset as shown in the figure below.

This will again ask a confirmation message. Click on OK.

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