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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Web parts in SharePoint 2010

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This is a basic video tutorial on web parts in SharePoint 2010.

You will able to know about:
- What are web parts? You can also check this article on how to create a visual web part in SharePoint?

- How to add and use a web part in SharePoint 2010?

- What are different built-in web parts in SharePoint 2010?

Introduction to document library in SharePoint 2010

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In this video tutorial you will get brief idea on SharePoint 2010 document library. You will see here:
- how to create a document library?
- how to upload single and multiple documents to document library?
- how to edit documents?
- how to work with document versioning?
- Check-in and Check-out

You can also check my previous posts on difference between list and document library in SharePoint and user information list in SharePoint.