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Monday, July 24, 2017

the name configurationmanager does not exist in the current context

We were developing a console application to connect to our SharePoint online sites. Here we have save the credentials inside App.Config file and we were retrieving like below:

  private static string GetSPOAccountName()
                return ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SPOAccount"];

But it shows the error like below:

The name 'ConfigurationManager' does not exists in the current context.

To resolve this issue we need to add System.Configuration dll. If you have .Net framework installed, then we can add it from local drive from the .NET tab.

But here I have added from NuGet package. Right click on the References folder -> Manage NuGet Packages... like below:

Then in the NuGet screen, search for System.Configuration in the Browse tab and then from there add select System.Configuration.Abstractions and click on Install like below:

Then the error will not come. Hope this will be helpful.

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