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Friday, March 30, 2012

Web.config and Machine.config

In this article we will discuss what is web.config file and machine.config and what is the difference between web.config and machine.config in Also you can check a very good article on Delete and Truncate in sql server 2008.

(1)-A web.config file is used to configure web application. Each application has a t lease one web.config file.

(2)-Web.config is configure your application only.

(3)-The settings made in the web.config file are applied to that that particular web application only.

(4)-An application can override most default values stored in the machine.config file by creating one or more web.config file.

(5)-At min an application creates a web.config file in its root folder.The web.config file is a subset of machine.config file written according to the same XML scehma.

(1)-A machine.config file is used to configure the application in a particular machine. Configuration done in machine.config file is affected on any application that runs in a particular machine.

(2)-Machine.config related to all the application on your server.

(3)-The settings of machine.config file are applied to the whole application.

(4)-The machine.config file contains default and machine specific values for all supported settings.

(5)-Machine settings are normally controlled by the system admin and application should never be given write acess to it.

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